Amazon’s new robot runs Android but is apparently “terrible”, according to leaks

At Amazon’s fall event on Tuesday, the company officially unveiled the long-rumored Alexa-powered home robot. Dubbed Amazon Astro, the robot looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie and is unlike anything we’ve seen before from Amazon. Astro can do a wide range of things. It can recognize faces, follow you around the house, patrol your home when you’re away, detect an unrecognized person or certain sounds (fire alarm, for example), and more. In addition, it can also do everything you would expect from an Echo Show device, like playing music, making video calls, getting answers, and so on.
If you were wondering about the software that powers Astro, it turns out the device runs Fire OS (via The Verge). For the unaware, Fire OS is Amazon’s fork of Android without Google Mobile Services. While you would expect an Android-powered robot to be half-decent, leaks suggest that it’s flat-out terrible. Several developers who worked on the Astro have reportedly criticized it…

Written By: Kishan Vyas
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