Apple finally allows users to rate its preinstalled apps

For years, the only Apple apps users could rate or review on the App Store were the ones they could optionally install, such as the iWork suite. So if you wanted to rate the iTunes Store, Measure, or Mail apps, you simply couldn’t. This has raised many questions throughout the years, but Apple has provided no clear reason for blocking public feedback on some of its apps. Fortunately for us, but not Apple, this isn’t the case anymore.
It’s unclear when exactly Apple made this change, but we have found reviews on preinstalled Apple apps (via 9to5Mac) that go back at least ten days. The change is very welcome because users should be able to evaluate and read other people’s thoughts on apps they’re considering using — or ditching. It probably isn’t all that great for Apple, though, because some apps are getting very low ratings. While some of them are well-earned, plenty are 1-star spams by users stating that they’re doing it for no particular reason at all.

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Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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