BlueStacks X is the first streaming service for mobile games

BlueStacks today is launching BlueStacks X, a game-streaming service that’s focused exclusively on mobile games. If you’re unfamiliar with BlueStacks, the company has a service that lets you run Android apps on Windows. With 40 million monthly active users and 200k to 300k new downloads daily, the vast majority of BlueStacks users are going after one type of Android apps on their PC: games.
And that’s why the BlueStacks X streaming service is focusing on mobile gaming. Various other services are going after console games and bringing them to mobile, but BlueStacks is aiming to being you the games you’re already playing on your phone, but on different devices.
The new service is built in collaboration with, a hybrid cloud computing company. By using this hybrid technology, some of the game compute is going to be done in the cloud, while some can also be offloaded to your device, depending on your device’s capabilities. You’ll be accessing the service through the browser, but y…

Written By: Rich Woods

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