Google announces AI enhancements for Search and better shopping tools

At Google’s Search On event this year, the company announced a number of big improvements to Google Search. Google has previously used the Search On event to announce features in some of its search-related products. These improvements range from AI enhancements to redesigns, to better shopping tools, and aim to make your life much easier when searching for stuff online.
Google Search improvements
Google Search redesign
The first big improvement is the addition of the Multitask Unified Model, or MUM. This year, Google announced MUM at I/O, and the company says that MUM can simultaneously understand information across a wide range of formats, like text, images, and video. It can also draw insights from and identify connections between concepts, topics, and ideas about the world around us.

Google gives the example of searching for an acrylic painting, where the search engine can then help you find what other people are looking for, too. That could be a typical size of an acrylic paint…

Written By: Adam Conway
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