Google announces dates for 2021 Android Dev Summit, Chrome Dev Summit, and Firebase Dev Summit

Google’s biggest developer conference of the year is Google I/O, where the company unveils a plethora of new services and upgrades to existing ones. Given the sheer size of Google as a company and the limited amount of time available, it’s impossible for some of the larger teams within the company to unveil everything they’ve been working on. That’s why some teams within Google hold dedicated events to bring developers up to speed on the latest features and tools they need to be aware of. Today, Google unveiled the dates for three such developer events: the Android Dev Summit, the Chrome Dev Summit, and the Firebase Summit.
Android Dev Summit 2021
In a blog post, Google has confirmed that the Android Dev Summit is back in 2021. It will last two days and begins October 27th. The event kicks off at 10 AM PT on the 27th with The Android Show, a technical keynote that summarizes the latest news for Android developers. Following the keynote, there will be over 30 sessions on a range of t…

Written By: Mishaal Rahman
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