How One Tech Company Is Changing How Men Think About Their Sexual Health

Guys, there’s something important that they probably didn’t tell you in sex ed. Healthy erections require strong blood flow. Unfortunately, blood flow to the penis begins declining around age 20, getting worse with age.
Changing How Men Think About Their Sexual Health
The natural decline in blood flow as men age is the leading cause of ED and other performance issues. It’s a problem most men will face in their lifetime — impacting 40% of men by age 40, and 70% of men by age 70 (Cleveland Clinic).
Pills and Injections Come Up Short
Invented in the ‘80s and ’90s, pills and injections for ED only mask the symptoms of poor blood flow, by temporarily relaxing vessels and allowing blood to flow more easily. 
Like a band-aid, they mask the problem without fixing the underlying issue. What’s worse, many men taking medications like Viagra report that it stops working within a few years (case study) — assuming they can tolerate the side effects. Plus, remembering to take a pill in time for a …

Written By: Brad Anderson

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