The Challenges of Managing Remote Teams and Tools to Help

The benefits of having a remote or partially remote team are striking and have become much more apparent in the last year. Studies show that remote workers are generally more productive, healthier, and happier than their office counterparts. At the same time, employers can experience 50% better retention and save $11,000 per remote work, per year, on average.
It isn’t easy to see why any manager wouldn’t want their team working remotely with all these benefits. However, some challenges have left some companies feeling unsure if they are ready to embrace a permanent remote workforce.
Fortunately, advances in automation tools can help ease the burdens on managers of remote teams. Read on to find out what challenges you may face as a remote team manager and how you can reduce the burden using automation.
Challenges of Managing A Remote Team And Creative Solutions
There will be different challenges for different industries. But, of course, every business and even every team within a com…

Written By: Reuben Yonatan
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