The Nreal Air are a pair of lightweight AR smart glasses that expand your phone’s viewing area

While consumer-oriented smart glasses haven’t seen much success in the past, companies are still betting big on the technology. Several OEMs have already showcased their unique implementations this year, including Xiaomi, Snapchat, Razer, and Facebook. Now, Nreal is joining the fray with its latest product — the Nreal Air.
The Nreal Air is a pair of lightweight AR smart glasses that aims to make using a smartphone a whole lot more immersive. While it looks a lot like Ray-Ban’s iconic Wayfarer, it offers a couple of cool features that make it rather unique. Once connected to your phone, the glasses project a massive virtual display right in front of your eyes that makes streaming TV shows or playing games on your phone a more immersive experience.

Nreal claims that the virtual display measures 130-inches when viewed at a simulated distance of 3 meters and a massive 201-inches at a virtual distance of 6 meters. The smart glasses feature OLED displays with high color density and as ma…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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