10 Strategies to Retain Employees in a Workplace

A top performer just resigned out of nowhere, and you are now at a loss. What might be the reason for it? And how will this impact the rest of the employees?
With that happening, you will have to lean on your other employees, making them take on more responsibility. In the meantime, you will look for a replacement for the employee that left. It’s a big ask, specifically if they are already stretched thin. Such actions will stoke stress and uncertainty in your employees.
Given the likelihood of cascading fallout, it’s natural to think that the departure of one employee could be the tipping point of other employees feeling to leave as well. At the very least, it can affect the morale of the employees, which can undermine their work performance.
So, this is the time to make sure that your business is taking the proper steps to drive job satisfaction and retain employees.
What Prompts Employees to Leave?
To find out the reason behind your top performer’s sudden departure, do an exit int…

Written By: Sajjad Ahmad

Original Article: https://readwrite.com/2021/10/21/strategies-to-retain-employees-in-a-workplace/

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