5 Industries Being Impacted by Cloud Technology

Every day, cloud technology becomes more critical for businesses across a variety of sectors. Even industries that have historically been reluctant to adopt cloud-based systems are becoming more open. Knowing and understanding cloud-based tech has opened the door for unparalleled innovation and ML, and has fostered what many experts feel may be a Fifth Industrial Revolution.
Which fields are feeling the most significant impact from cloud-related solutions? Five of the top include telecommunications, education, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. Below, we’ll examine how each trade has been impacted and changed by the cloud.
Industry #1: Telecommunications
For years, telecommunications providers, especially communications service providers (CSPs), dealt with infrastructure and equipment. As such, workers focused mainly on installing and maintaining hardware. However, this limited their ability to scale quickly.
Research from SaaS experience provider Plume suggests telecommunicati…

Written By: Deanna Ritchie

Original Article: https://readwrite.com/2021/10/05/5-industries-being-impacted-by-cloud-technology/

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