Advanced Android Development: How to bypass the hidden API blacklist

Way back in 2018, Google released Android Pie. Among the UI changes and new features, there were also some developer-side changes. Those changes included new APIs, bugfixes for existing APIs, and also restrictions on access to hidden APIs.
Luckily though, there are ways to get around those restrictions. Before I get into how to bypass the restrictions, I should explain a bit about what hidden APIs are, why they were restricted in the first place, and why you might want to access them.
What are hidden APIs?
Hidden APIs are the APIs in Android that app developers normally can’t see. If you take a look at AOSP’s code, you’ll see a whole bunch of classes, variables, and methods that have a @hide annotation inside a comment block above them.
This annotation instructs whatever tool Google uses when compiling the SDK to exclude the item under it. That SDK is then distributed to developers inside the SDKs downloaded through Android Studio. Unless you use a modified SDK, Android Studio will …

Written By: Zachary Wander

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