AMD processors are slower on Windows 11, but a fix is coming

Windows 11 began rolling out this week after just over three months of public testing with Windows Insiders. While the operating system launched with a few known issues, it seems that one may have slipped by undetected. AMD has confirmed that its processors are being negatively affected by the Windows 11 upgrade, resulting in reduced performance in certain situations. Thankfully, resolutions are already on the way.
AMD points out two distinct problems with its processors and Windows 11. The first has to do with the latency of the L3 cache on its processors, which may be as much as three times higher on Windows 11. This will particularly affect performance in apps that may depend on the access time to the memory subsystem, including some fast-paced esports titles. AMD says the performance may be as high as 15% in very specific games, but generally the performance impact ranges between 3% and 5%.
For this one, AMD says a fix is coming as Windows 11 update later this month, presumably …

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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