AMD’s AM5 platform will launch in 2022 with support for DDR5 and PCIe 5.0

AMD released its first Ryzen processor five years ago, and the company is celebrating that by looking back at those successful years. AMD’s executives Robert Hallock and John Taylor sat down to discuss the entire architecture, and how the company managed to hit different milestones in the world of semiconductors. AMD also confirmed its new AM5 platform will launch in 2022, and it’ll support both PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory at launch.
Two minutes into the “AMD Ryzen Processors: 5 Years Later” video, the two individuals are taking a trip down the memory lane, recalling how the company unveiled “Ryzen” with a couple of performances demos at launch. Robert then continues to talk about Ryzen’s new platform. “In 2022 Ryzen will have a new platform and some key ingredients are DDR5, PCI Express Gen 5, and cooler compatibility with existing AM4 coolers,” he says.
You can watch AMD’s video below:

AMD shares AM5 details
While we already knew about the DDR5, this is the first confirmation about …

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