Android 12 will include patches for over 160 security vulnerabilities

Google surprised us today by announcing the release of Android 12 … but postponing the update for Pixel phones until later. Had today’s update included the long-awaited version bump, Pixel users would have been treated to a fresh new OS update, a promised Pixel Feature Drop, and a security update all at once. Alas, Pixel users will have to wait a few weeks to get the update, but in the meanwhile, we have some news to share about what’s included in the update. Apart from the new design and a host of new features, Android 12 will also include patches for over 160 security vulnerabilities.
Earlier today, Google published the October 2021 Android Security Bulletin and rolled out new updates to Pixel phones, bumping the security patch level on those devices to 2021-10-05. The underlying OS version of the updated builds is still Android 11, however. Today’s AOSP release of Android 12 will have a default security patch level of 2021-10-01, but since we don’t know when Google plans to relea…

Written By: Mishaal Rahman

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