Android 12’s new “Clone” profile brings native app cloning support

After officially announcing Android 12 earlier this month, Google released the Android 12 Compatibility Definition Document (CDD). As we reported late last week, the CDD outlines a new “performance class” for devices that helps developers easily identify how fast an Android device actually is. Now, we’ve learned that the CDD also mentions a new profile type, called Clone, that will enable native app cloning support on Android 12.
In a recent string of tweets, Mishaal Rahman revealed that the new Clone profile would help users overcome the weird work profile hack to install and run second instances of apps. Its description states: “Clone profile is a user profile type used to run second instance of an otherwise single user App (e.g., messengers). Only the primary user is allowed to have a clone profile.”
I’ve been giving the Android 12 CDD a *very* thorough read, and I just discovered something quite interesting.
Looks like Android 12 quietly added a new profile type called “Clone.” …

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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