Apple iPhone 13 Pro vs Google Pixel 5: These cameras shouldn’t be so competitive

The recently-released iPhone 13 Pro has had an incredible amount of praise bestowed upon it, with some deeming it the best smartphone camera on the market. Given that the Google Pixel 5 has managed to hang on with arguably outdated camera hardware for so long, we figured that we should put it to the test against the iPhone 13 Pro — right before the Google Pixel 6 series is set to come out. All photos in this article were taken with point and shoot, no tap to focus was used, nor was the exposure modified.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro vs Google Pixel 5: Main Camera
The Google Pixel 5 boasts some pretty unimpressive camera specifications. It packs a 12.2MP IMX363 as the main camera sensor, which has been available in smartphones for nearly four years now. In contrast, the iPhone 13 Pro boasts the latest 12MP Apple sensor, and the company always prides itself on its cameras. With the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple’s marketing team focused heavily on its “all-new camera sensors” which, in the case of the …

Written By: Adam Conway

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