Apple is appealing its lawsuit win against Epic Games and Fortnite

The Apple vs Epic lawsuit needs no introduction at this point. Last month, the lawsuit had reached a dramatic conclusion, with the judge deciding to award a result that wasn’t exactly what the two parties wanted. Instead, several key decisions came out in Apple’s favor, except for one. Apple even went on record to call the ruling a “resounding victory”. And now, Apple is appealing against this very same resounding victory.
According to The Verge, Apple has filed an appeal asking for a stay to the Apple vs Epic Games lawsuit’s results from taking effect. Essentially, the company wants to not be forced into implementing the new anti-steering rules, arguing that it “will allow Apple to protect consumers and safeguard its platform while the company works through the complex and rapidly evolving legal, technological, and economic issues“.
The lawsuit results had largely sided with Apple, except for one key decision. The judge had asked Apple to lift its restrictions on iOS apps and App S…

Written By: Aamir Siddiqui

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