Apple issues guidelines for app developers to accommodate the MacBook Pro’s notch

Apple released the latest MacBook Pro models during its “Unleashed” Mac event this week, and they come with a notch that houses the camera and other sensors. To account for the notch, Apple has now issued updated Human Interface Guidelines for app developers. These guidelines include everything app designers and developers need to know about the safe areas, how the menubar behaves when crammed with content, and more.
(1/6) Are you a designer/developer curious about how your app’s menu bar will behave on those shiny new MacBook Pros? We’ve got some updated guidance!
Human Interface Guidelines:
— Linda Dong (@lindadong) October 19, 2021

According to Linda Dong, a designer at Apple, new guidelines have been issued regarding the full-screen mode and menubar. These guidelines highlight how the system behaves when an app is set to full screen mode and how items fit in the menubar on the new MacBook Pro models. Sh…

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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