Apple Watch Series 7 first impressions: More of the same

I am a huge fan of the Apple Watch. In fact, out of seven generations, I’ve only not owned the Series 3 and the Series 6. I don’t even recommend upgrading as often as I do. I get a new iPhone every year because it’s just the thing I do. Every Apple Watch has had a purpose.
For the Series 2, I bought it because I knew the original one wasn’t going to last. Like every Apple product, the second-gen one is the one to go for. With the Series 4, my Series 2 was getting a bit long in the tooth, and the screen was bigger and prettier. Series 5 came with an always-on display, and now with the Series 7, well, I just really regretted getting the Space Gray aluminum model with the Series 5.
So here we are, and now that I’ve spent just under a week with the Apple Watch Series 7, I can give it a big, resounding meh. There’s not a lot that’s new here. It’s got the same processor as the Series 6, but with a bigger screen and fast charging.
Hands on with the Apple Watch Series 7
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Written By: Rich Woods

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