Apple Watch Series 7: Here are all the Colors and Official Band Options

Apple revealed the Apple Watch Series 7 back in mid-September, during its California Streaming event. The latest smartwatch was made available to preorder starting October 8th, followed by its launch on the 15th, a week later. One thing you’ll notice about the Apple Watch Series 7 is the abundance of colors and band options it comes in. Not to mention that it comes in both 41mm and 45mm screen sizes. So we have broken down the available customizations to help you choose.
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Apple Watch 7: Casing Options

Stainless Steel
Apple Watch 7: Band Options

Solo Loop
Braided Solo Loop
Sport Band
Sport Loop
Stainless Steel
Apple Watch Studio
Apple Watch Series 7: Casing Options
The first thing you need to know before buying the Apple Watch 7 is that you need to first decide which material and consequent finish you want on the main body. The choice of material affects the weight of the watch module, its color and shine, and also have some min…

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