Apple Watch Series 7 teardown reveals no diagnostic port and iPhone 13-like display

The launch of every new Apple product is usually accompanied by a teardown article (and sometimes a video) from the folks at iFixit. Sure enough, with the Apple Watch Series 7 now shipping to buyers, iFixit has graced us with an incredibly detailed teardown. Although the latest Apple Watches don’t appear too different on the outside, the teardown revealed a few interesting changes to manufacturing and design, including similarities with the iPhone 13 series.

The internal layout of the Series 7 isn’t too different than the previous generation’s layout, according to iFixit’s article, but there are a few notable changes. First, there’s no physical diagnostic port, which was previously located under the battery. Apple might be using a new 60 GHz wireless module for testing and loading software during assembly, but iFixit wasn’t able to find direct evidence of that — the module would likely be housed in the sealed system board.
iFixit also found that the display assembly for the Series …

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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