Apple’s software feature exclusivity on the Watch 7 is disappointing, especially after the scrapped redesign

Apple revealed the all-new Apple Watch Series 7 along with the iPhone 13 lineup and new iPad models in mid-September. The announcement was made during its California Streaming virtual event. Apart from not releasing the rumored AirPods 3rd Gen, I was disappointed by a few other things. I was frustrated the most by the fact that we didn’t see a Series 7 redesign, as the rumors had suggested.

I get it — the technologies we use every day have matured, and there is not much manufacturers can do new year after year. On both software and hardware levels, we’ve reached a point where almost all main rivals offer the same set of features. Products are not 100% identical, but they’re similar enough to keep the competition going.
We’re in a phase where the next big innovation in this field is going to be big, as we can see a lot of Big Tech side projects take better shape. How long it’ll take for them to actually release these side projects as the Next Big Thing remains unknown. But we’re alm…

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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