Artificial Intelligence now Plays a Dynamic Role in the Trucking Industry

Artificial intelligence now plays a dynamic role in the trucking industry. AI and IoT-driven telematics produced more data and automation, but it was still difficult to see what was actually happening on the road. A truck accident results in $16,500 in damage and $57,500 for injury-related costs totaling $74,000, according to Yoav Banin. Banin is the chief product officer of Nauto. Nauto provides fleet performance and driver solutions.
Truckers are the backbone of the American supply chain.
Truckers and telematics; a winning team
Considering other challenges facing the trucking industry, it is essential to emphasize truck driving safety.
The first priority in this matter is a nationwide shortage of truck drivers. This could lead fleet operators to hire less-experienced truck drivers and require less safety training. Truck parking is second in priority. Finally, a third priority is driver compensation.
This shortage is dependent on safe driving records.
Fleet operators managed safety…

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