Best math apps for Chromebooks: Wolfram, Desmos, and more

Whether you’re looking to help your kids with their math homework, or need help in your own college courses, math apps can be very helpful. If you use a Chromebook as your daily laptop, there are a number of math apps available, in the form of web apps and Android apps. Many of these apps also exist on iOS, Windows, and other platforms as well. Many of the apps focus on graphing capabilities, while others can help with unit conversions, symbolic algebra, or other advanced mathematics like calculus or differential equations. In this article we took a look at the best math apps for Chromebooks out there for help on math homework at any level.
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Best overall: Wolfram Alpha
Best for graphing: Desmos
Best for geometry: Geogebra
Best with mobile compatibility: PhotoMath
Best for algebra help: Mathway
Best for Microsoft users: Microsoft math solver
Best pocket reference: All Math Formulas
Wolfram Alpha

Existing as both a web app and mobile app, Wolfram Alpha is the co…

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