Can my PC run Windows 11? Here are the system requirements!

Today, Microsoft finally announced Windows 11. Along with a new UI, there’s a whole new Microsoft Store, Snap Layouts, and even Android apps are coming to Microsoft’s in-house operating system by way of the Amazon Appstore. But now, you’re probably wondering what the system requirements are so you can see if your PC can even run Windows 11.
Luckily, Microsoft already has a support document ready. And yes, the system requirements have been increased, although in fairness to the Redmond firm, it really hasn’t raised system requirements in any significant way since the Windows 7 era.
First of all, RAM requirements are going up. You need 4GB of RAM to run Windows 11, double that of a 64-bit Windows 10 machine and quadruple that of the 32-bit requirement for Windows 10. You’ll also need 64GB of storage instead of 32GB.
You’re going to need a 64-bit processor to run Windows 11. 32-bit support is out, and it was even out for new Windows 10 PCs, although they were still getting updates. The…

Written By: Rich Woods

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