Can’t tolerate the MacBook Pro notch? Here’s how to make living with it easier

Apple revealed new professional laptops earlier this month during its “Unleashed” Mac event. These new MacBook Pro models come with a notch, similar to that on Face ID iPhones. However, the new MacBook Pro models don’t include a TrueDepth camera, so they’re still equipped with Touch ID rather than Face ID. Plenty of users have complained online about the notch, so here’s how to make living with it a tad easier.
The notch’s history
Apple first introduced the notch with the iPhone X, back in September 2017. And of course, users everywhere started complaining about how intrusive it looks. It was essential for Apple to include it to house the TrueDepth camera system, sensors, and earpiece speaker. People tend to focus on the little inconvenience, rather than the bigger picture — you’re getting more screen real estate, thanks to the notch. The notch slowly became the Ugly Duckling of phone features — they turned it into a meme, and even Samsung posted a video to mock it. Android devices …

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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