Clubhouse introduces Universal Search, Clips, and Replays

Late last month, we learned that Clubhouse was working on a new feature, called Clips, to help users save snippets from a conversation. At the time, a leak revealed that the feature would let users save the last thirty seconds of conversation in a Clubhouse room and share it with the other participants. Clubhouse has now officially announced the feature, along with a few others.
In a recent blog post, Clubhouse has announced that Clips is now available in beta. Users on the beta channel should now see a new scissor icon for the feature, tapping on which will capture the last thirty seconds of the conversation. Users will then get the option to share it with other participants in the room or on other channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, and WhatsApp. In addition, users will also get an option to save the Clips to their camera roll.
lots of new news in this video
CLIPS is in beta
SEARCH rolling out now
REPLAYS coming soon
and stay tuned for our entire eng & desig…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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