Co-Reality: Is this the Future of Digital?

The old saying is that software will eat the world. In reality, digital has eaten humanity. We are so consumed today in our digital lives that nearly every trending story pertains to the digital space — NFTs, Defi, cryptocurrency, social networking, cloud gaming, SaaS, metaverse, OTT streaming — all related to the ones and zeros that our lives have become so dependent upon.
It’s not that digital is evil or digital is good — digital is what we make of it. Digital can be used for whatever purpose we humans set out to use it for. Like most things humans create, it’s a tool, how it functions and the role it plays in our society and for humanity is determined by the end-user. Digital living has been so instrumental in our lives, it enhances how we enjoy life, extends how long we live, allows us to connect in more ways than ever before with those around the globe. Simply put digital life makes life better.
But everything being digital also has its cons. It’s created a new generation of hu…

Written By: Joseph Scott

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