Download the leaked Pixel 6 exclusive “Motif” wallpapers right here!

It seems that Google is releasing a ton of exclusive wallpapers for the Pixel 6 series. Over the last few months, we’ve shared quite a few wallpapers from both of the upcoming devices. Now, even more wallpapers have just shown up in the Google Wallpapers app. The wallpapers are part of a new collection called “Motif” and are split into two sections; “Floating” by Antti Kalevi, and “Pieces of G” from Letman.
The “Floating” wallpaper set is described as “Hints of form and color create playful places,” whereas “Pieces of G” is described as “Cutouts create a collage of color.” The Floating wallpaper collection is filled with natural shapes and flora, and the Pieces of G wallpaper collection uses parts of the iconic Google logo to create abstract imagery. These wallpapers match the expected Pixel 6 color options that will be available at launch.

The wallpapers above are in a compressed format. If you want to download them and use them on your device, you can follow the link …

Written By: Adam Conway

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