EU expected to open investigation into NVIDIA’s acquisition of Arm

In September last year, NVIDIA signed a definitive agreement to acquire Arm, the U.K.-based semiconductor and software design company. Given how important of a role Arm plays in the mobile and tech ecosystem as a whole, many raised concerns that the acquisition would give NVIDIA too much power and control, and they argued that it could hurt competition as a result. Qualcomm, Microsoft, and Google have all voiced concerns about the deal, and now it appears that NVIDIA has hit yet another hurdle. The EU is reportedly looking to open an antitrust investigation into the acquisition.
NVIDIA notified the European Commission that it aimed to take over Arm, which prompted the preliminary review by the European Commission. Reuters now reports that the European Commission is scheduled to end its preliminary review on October 27th of the deal, and a four-month investigation into the deal would follow. A spokesperson for the Commission declined to comment.
“The regulatory process is confidentia…

Written By: Adam Conway

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