Facebook rolls out Live Audio Rooms to creators, public figures, and groups globally

Facebook loves to implement new features all the time, particularly those that are new and trendy. Clubhouse-style audio rooms blew up in popularity with lots of platforms releasing their own take on the genre, and Facebook declared back in April that it was working on new audio features, which included those Clubhouse-style chat rooms. At the time, these features weren’t available to the public at large, though that later expanded to include more users in the U.S. Now the company has announced that its Live Audio Rooms are being rolled out to creators and public figures globally.
Today, we’re now excited to be rolling out Live Audio Rooms to public figures and creators globally as well as groups around the world.
Here’s an overview of what’s new pic.twitter.com/hQDLDUojdd
— Alexandru Voica (alexvoica.eth) (@alexvoica) October 11, 2021

Live Audio Rooms are exactly what the likes of Twitter, Slack, and even LinkedIn have launched in recent months. A user can host a room and speak…

Written By: Adam Conway

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/facebook-live-audio-rooms-roll-out-globally/

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