Facebook’s smartwatch leaked with a notch, camera, and Apple Watch-like look

Facebook, or “Meta,” if the newly announced rebranding is to be followed immediately, apparently has a smartwatch coming out. This has been rumored for months, but a new leak today all but confirms it.
Mark Gurman, who has a strong track record with covering leaks from Apple, revealed in Bloomberg today details of the upcoming Facebo, uh, Meta smartwatch (codenamed “Milan” according to leaked codes), including a leaked render.

Yes, it looks just like an Apple Watch, except it has a late 2018-era Android waterdrop notch housing a camera. Do note the notch eats into the bottom of the display, not the top. This image was found by app developer Steve Moser, inside Facebook View, the app designed to work with Facebook’s most recent hardware release, a pair of smart sunglasses (also with a camera attached) named Ray-Ban Stories (the iconic sunglasses maker partnered with Facebook for the product).
The camera on the watch should be able to shoot photos and videos, and the watch should be …

Written By: Ben Sin

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/facebooks-smartwatch-leaked-it-has-a-camera-and-aims-to-take-on-apple-watch/

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