First 10 things to do with an M1 Mac

For a long time, Apple depended on Intel to provide processors for its Macs. However, that all changed about a year ago in November 2020. On the 10th of that month, Apple announced its own SoC (system-on-chip), the M1 chip. Particularly designed for the Mac, the M1 chip offers tremendous power while running efficiently, energy-wise. It’s so energy-efficient to the point of Apple literally removing the cooling fans from the M1 MacBook Air models. This only proves how the M1 is the beginning of something significantly brighter for Apple.
If you’ve bought or plan on buying an M1 Mac, you must be wondering what to do with it. So here’s a list of the first 10 things to do with an M1 Mac.
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Install iOS and iPadOS apps

Searching for apps
Downloading apps
Why do restrictions exist
Set up Touch Alternatives

Setting up Touch Alternatives
Allow your Mac to sleep in peace

What is a Power Nap
Why don’t M1 Macs need Power…

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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