Fixes for AMD issues on Windows 11 are now available to everyone

When Windows 11 launched a couple of weeks ago, there were a few notable issues with the new version of the OS. Two, in particular, got the most attention, which affected AMD processors specifically. One decreased the performance of the L3 cache in AMD processors, and the other affected the “preferred core” feature of those CPUs. Today, fixes for both issues are available to the general public, with AMD releasing a brand new fix for the preferred core issue on Windows 11.
Typically, processors can detect which is the best core currently available and assign a thread to it. While the different cores in a CPU are meant to be identical, there are always slight variations, and this feature, called “preferred core”, allowed CPUs to choose the best-performing cores for any given task. After the Windows 11 update, AMD processors could no longer use the preferred core feature, and instead assigned tasks to random cores, which could result in slightly lower performance for tasks that only us…

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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