Get a 100W Spigen USB Type-C charger for only $37 today

You probably already have a few single-port USB Type-C chargers around your home, but multi-connector wall adapters can be handy, especially when they can deliver more power. Spigen might be best known for its smartphone cases, but the company also produces a few chargers, including a powerful 100W wall adapter that can charge two devices at once. Now you can get the Spigen 100W charger for just $37.16, a decent savings from the usual price of $60.
This is one of many wall modern wall chargers built with Gallium Nitride (GaN) components, which allows the design to be smaller without overheating. As a result, even though this is slightly smaller than the wall chargers Apple ships with MacBooks, it’s smaller and delivers more power. The charger can reach up to 100W on a single port, so it’s perfect for just about any USB Type-C laptop, and both Type-C ports can charge at up to 45W at the same time.
Spigen 100W Charger

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Written By: Corbin Davenport

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