Get the iMac-inspired Elago W4 Apple Watch Stand for just $11

There’s no shortage of chargers for the Apple Watch, but the Elago W4 is a bit different. It pairs your existing Apple Watch charger with a retro-inspired shell, to add a bit of fun to your desk or bedstand. Now you can pick one up for $10.99, a discount of $14 from the original price and $2 below the previous cost.
The Elago W4 wraps around an existing Apple Watch charging pad, and is modeled after the iconic Apple iMac G3. Your Apple Watch screen appears where the iMac’s screen is, and two colors are available that vaguely match some of the transparent plastic styles of the iMac G3 — Aqua Pink and Aqua Blue. It works with all Apple Watch models, and looks great when paired with the Apple Watch’s Nightstand Mode.
Elago W4 Apple Watch Stand

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There are no actual electronics in the stand, and it’s made from scratch-free silicone, so it won’t scratch you…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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