Google adds new human-sounding voices to Select-to-speak on Chromebooks

Chrome OS includes a nifty accessibility feature called Select-to-speak, which is essentially a screen reader with some additional features. It gives users the option to hear the text on the screen and highlight parts of the text to improve focus. In addition, it lets users control the speed of the reading voice and jump to different parts of the text with ease. With Chrome OS 86, Google added another option to the feature that shades the background text to help users focus their attention. Now, it’s rolling out more human-sounding voices to make the spoken text sound more fluid and easier to understand.
In a recent blog post, Google announced that it’s rolling out more natural voices to the feature, including various accents, to enhance comprehension. Select-to-speak on Chromebooks is now available in multiple accents in 25 languages. Google plans to add support for more languages and accents in the future.

If you want to try the new voices on your Chromebook, head over to the Acc…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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