Google Assistant rolling out “Quick Phrases” for some that let you skip saying “Hey Google” for certain tasks

Your Google Assistant is about to get smarter with a new feature called “Quick Phrases.”
This feature, once enabled, puts the Assistant on standby whenever you receive an incoming phone call or an alarm/timer has gone off. If you can’t reach your phone at the moment you receive a phone call, the Assistant will wait for you to say “Answer” or “Decline” to pick up or decline the phone call. Similarly, when an alarm or timer has gone off, you can say “Stop” or “Snooze”. In either case, you won’t have to precede the command with “Hey Google” anymore.
Once it’s rolled out, Quick Phrases can be enabled in Google Assistant’s settings. When you enable the feature for incoming phone calls, Google warns that calls may connect unintentionally if you or someone else says “answer” when you aren’t ready to pick up the phone call. There’s also a chance the Assistant will mistakenly connect the call when it hears something that sounds like “answer.”

After enabling Quick Phrases, Google Assistan…

Written By: Mishaal Rahman

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