Google Assistant’s Quick Phrases debut on the Pixel 6 series

Yesterday, Google finally unveiled the Pixel 6 series. Google’s latest Pixel lineup feature a brand new design, in-house Tensor SoC, upgraded camera hardware, and run Android 12 out-of-the-box. Besides the new hardware, the latest Pixel phones also come with a few exclusive software features, and one of them is Quick Phrases for Google Assistant.
We know Google has been working on Quick Phrases for a while now. We first uncovered the evidence of the feature back in June through an APK teardown of the Google app. But little did we know at the time that it would debut on the Pixel 6 series.
Quick Phrases (via 9to5Google) let you ditch the Hey Google hotword for everyday voice interactions. Instead of saying Hey Google first and then uttering the command, the Pixel 6 users can just say “stop” to end a timer, “snooze” to turn off an alarm, and “answer/decline” to pick up or end an incoming call. There are only a handful of Quick Phrases available at launch, but we know Google is working…

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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