Google countersues Epic Games for breach of Play Store contract

Google is countersuing Epic Games for its breach of the Play Store contract after the company bypassed Play fees for in-app purchases and enabled direct payments in the app. Shortly after, Google removed Fortnite from the Play Store, and Epic Games initiated legal proceedings against both Google and Apple. A lot of private information has since come out about all companies involved, and Apple might have a problem on its hands when it comes to in-app payments. However, the judge still ruled that Epic Games had breached its contract with Apple, and now Google is suing Epic Games.
In the counter-complaint (via ZDNet), Google alleges that Epic began planning its intentional breach of the terms of the developer distribution agreement (DDA) in order to “draw Google into a legal battle over anti trust” and get around Google’s 30% revenue share cut as part of a campaign internally known as “Project Liberty.” Epic Games reportedly attempted to submit a version of Fortnite to the Play Store w…

Written By: Adam Conway

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