Google Discover tests showing stock alerts at the top of the feed

Google recently started testing a new feature in the Discover feed that showed Islamic prayer timings for some users. The feature appeared as a banner at the top of the feed and prominently highlighted the timings for the next Asr namaz. Google is now testing another helpful feature that shows stock alerts at the top of the Discover feed.
Unlike the Islamic prayer timings banner, the stock alerts appear in a tile at the top of the Discover feed that replaces the old weather tile. As you can see in the following clip from the Google News Telegram channel, the new tile includes several small cards that show the weather, stock alerts, and the latest news. Scrolling to the right on the tile brings up a “+” button, which will help you add more such cards, like alerts for your favorite sports teams, to the tile.

It’s worth noting that you will also be able to customize this new tile to show only one card. If you do so, the card will take up the entire width of the tile, as shown in the i…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

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