Google Docs has a new way to quickly insert images, names, links, and much more

Google Docs is one of the best ways to create and edit documents, especially when you want to collaborate with other people. Google also usually rolls out new features on a regular basis, and now another helpful addition has arrived — a menu for quickly inserting names, file links, media, and other information without reaching for your mouse.
“We’ve added a universal insertion menu to easily add things like tables and images,” Google wrote in a blog post, “in addition to smart chips, directly in Google Docs. Simply type ‘@’, and you’ll see a list of recommended files, people, meetings, as well as different content elements and formats to insert into your work. You can also search all available components.”

The new menu appears in Docs files (not Sheets or Slides, at least for now) when you type the ‘@’ character, and acts as a global search for almost anything you could want in a document. You can search for other files in Drive, which will add a link to them in the current documen…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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