Google expands Google Home branding, introduces Suggested Routines for smart home developers

The Google Smart Home Summit 2021 is underway, and Google has a few key announcements to make. Google has announced a new Developer Center and two new SDKs, and now it is extending concepts like Suggested Routines to Matter.
Expanding Google Home
Google is taking the opportunity at this developer summit to expand the idea of Google Home. The IoT ecosystem has expanded into tens of thousands of smart devices in the past few years, and Google themselves has a fair few devices like smart speakers and displays. Google is rechristening its entire smart home platform as well as the developer program as “Google Home”.
By bringing our platform and tools under the same roof, it gives us a simpler way to show you why and how integrating your devices with Google Home makes them more accessible and helpful across the Google ecosystem.
This branding then spills over to the other announcements of the day, namely Google Home Developer Center, Google Home Device SDK for Matter devices, and Google H…

Written By: Aamir Siddiqui

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