Google is improving the Stadia Controller experience on Android TV

Google Stadia is a streaming service that aims to bring you all the games you want, wherever you want. It has had a mixed track record since its introduction, but the service has improved significantly over the past few months. Stadia finally arrived on Android TV in June, and a new app teardown on the latest version indicates Google might be improving the experience of using a Stadia Controller on Android TV.
9to5Google performed a teardown on the latest Stadia 3.38 APK, and discovered a new flag called “enableGothamInputOnAtvPlatformUi.” Given that “Gotham” is a codename for Wi-Fi-based input with Stadia (including both Phone Link and the Stadia Controller), and “Atv” means Android TV, this indicates Google is working on better integration with the Stadia Controller on Android TV. While you can play games on the service through Android TV with the Stadia Controller, you can’t actually interact with the rest of the app — if you want to browse through your games, you have to go back…

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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