Google Pixel 6 series comes with 5 years of software updates

Google has just launched the long-awaited Google Pixel 6 series. There’s a whole lot to love about both devices, such as both of them being the first to incorporate Google’s new Tensor chipset. With that Tensor chipset comes something even more interesting for a lot of users — five years of software updates. The Google Pixel 6 series packs five years of security patches. That means not only will it be one of the first to get Android 13 next year, but it’ll be the first to get Android 14 and Android 15 as well. After that, it will then get two more years of security patches.
Google’s support window is the longest for any Android smartphone yet, beating out update windows from the likes of Samsung and Xiaomi. Google’s smartphones get major upgrades before any other device manufacturer and also get the latest developer previews and betas of new Android versions. Google says this is “thanks to Tensor”, and that it is “at least” five years of security updates. That leaves some wiggle roo…

Written By: Adam Conway

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