Google plans to revamp its iPhone and iPad apps soon

When it comes to Google apps on iOS and iPadOS, almost all users notice one thing when first launching them — how similar they look to the ones on Android. For the longest time, there have been complaints regarding how their user interface (UI) doesn’t match that of iOS. Switches, banners, and other buttons all follow Google’s Material Design language from Android. However, it seems like Google is now finally planning to revamp its iPhone and iPad apps to match Apple’s design language.
In a recent Twitter thread Jeff Verkoeyen — a staff engineering lead for Google Design on Apple platforms — highlights (via 9to5Google) that Google has been “filling gaps in UIKit” all these years. That’s because Apple’s UIKit was missing fundamental elements that Google needed in its apps. The latter had to build its own custom top bars, menus, lists, etc., which led to the similarities. But now Google believes that UIKit has matured enough to be almost completely dependent on. There’s simply no need…

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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