Google will finally let you set up Android work profile on unmanaged devices

Android work profiles provide a convenient way to separate your work and personal life on your smartphone. When this feature is enabled, work and personal apps appear under two different tabs within the app drawer. Work apps feature a small briefcase badge to distinguish themselves from personal apps.
Right now, however, the work profile feature is only available for managed devices. But that’s set to change as Google plans to bring the feature to unmanaged Google Workspace devices, meaning you won’t have to be reliant on your employer to turn it on for your device.
In a blog post on Thursday, Google announced that it’s planning to expand the availability of Android work profiles to unmanaged users with a Google Workspace account.

“Previously, the work profile was only available on managed devices. Now, we’re planning to bring those same work profile benefits to unmanaged users with a business identity, too. This will eventually allow anyone using Android for business purposes to s…

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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