Google’s new Android Enterprise Vulnerability Rewards Program will give you up to $250,000 if you can fully exploit a Pixel 6

In the security world, bug bounties are incredibly common. The reason for their existence is simple and two-fold: they incentivize security researchers to poke holes in the security of a device, as the payout for a successful exploit can be lucrative. The second is that they encourage individuals to privately report their findings, rather than releasing them out into the wild. Google has now announced the Android Enterprise Vulnerability Rewards Program, which can payout up to $250,000 if you can fully exploit an Android Enterprise Pixel device, like the newly-released Google Pixel 6 series.
Android Enterprise is part of Android, and it offers the ability to have a fully locked-down, employer-owned handset with a number of parameters configured by the company. For example, some devices can be completely locked down without any personal space that is entirely managed remotely, and others can have just a containerized work profile managed remotely. What Google is offering is a reward …

Written By: Adam Conway

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