Google’s new gesture for the Nest Hub makes browsing photos easier

Google has been experimenting with gestures and motion detection for the past few years now. The Pixel 4 had a dedicated Soli sensor on the front that could detect certain gestures. These gestures then triggered a particular action on the phone like changing music tracks, silencing calls and alarms, etc. Essentially, Google was trying to showcase how you can perform actions on your phone without actually touching it. While Google ditched the Soli sensor on subsequent Pixel phones, it added the feature to the Nest Hub (2021).
The Nest Hub (2021) uses the Soli chip to track your sleep, detect sleeping patterns, and recognize coughing/snoring. In addition, since the Soli sensor can detect motion, it lets you use certain hand gestures to interact with the Nest Hub. At launch, the Nest Hub supported gestures to play/pause music and snooze alarms. Now,  Google is working on adding another gesture to the mix.

(Screenshots: 9to5Google)
Currently, the Nest Hub can detect two gestures — …

Written By: Sumukh Rao

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