Grab a MagSafe Battery Pack for just $74 today ($26 off)

Last year’s iPhone 12 series introduced MagSafe, and Apple has carried it over to the more recent iPhone 13 lineup. It allows you to magnetically attach chargers (and other accessories) to the back of an iPhone, and one of the more interesting MagSafe accessories has been Apple’s own Battery Pack. It’s a small battery that magnetically sticks to the iPhone, and now you can buy one for $74.24. That’s $26 below the usual price, and slightly lower than the sale we saw earlier this month.
The MagSafe Battery Pack is a 1460mAh battery (according to teardowns) that attaches to any iPhone 12 or 13 series phone. Similar to other Apple accessories, the battery’s charge level is displayed inside of iOS. You can also plug a Lightning cable directly into the pack, which turns it into a 15W wireless charger for your iPhone. If you happen to have a power adapter that supplies over 20W, and you connect the battery to it, both the battery and iPhone are rapidly charged.
Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Written By: Corbin Davenport

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